Employee Success Story

Callum Parr

Toolroom Apprentice

What position have you started in and where do you aim to progress to?

I originally started my apprenticeship in the Toolroom, which I was in for just over 1 year. I then moved into Maintenance and have now decided I want to stay in this area and develop my skill set.

As an apprentice, do you feel that you have been treated fairly by colleagues?

Yes, definitely. I work with Abby and feel we both are treated equally & fairly.

What challenges have you faced to get to where you are now and how have you overcome them?

Having done a few years at college before my apprenticeship, it was a big change. This was my first ‘proper’ job. It was a shock at first and I had to get used to it. With College, you get longer timescales to complete work, however in a working environment, urgent assistance can be needed which is time sensitive.

Do you feel that i2r offers sufficient training and support in order for employees to be successful?

Yes, loads! When I was in the Toolroom I did every bit of training I asked for, such as manual handling, abrasive wheels & ROSPER. Now I’m in Maintenance, I’ve done FLT, flexi truck and scissor lift. I have also done fire marshal training.

What are your favourite things about working at i2r?

I love the atmosphere. We get the job done, but we have a laugh doing it. Everyone is really friendly.

Would you recommend friends/family to work at i2r and why?

Yes, I would. I have a friend coming to the next apprenticeship evening. He is currently doing an apprenticeship elsewhere and is not happy, so I have recommended i2r to him. I have also recommended the company to lots of other people. I really enjoy my job.

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