Employee Success Story

Scott Sheward

Technical Services Manager

What position did you start in at i2r?

In 2012 I started as a Production Support Operative.

How did you work your way up into the position you are in currently?

It has taken a lot of hard work and dedication to get to where I am. I have had a lot of training during my employment at i2r, one of which was tool setting training which contributed to me being promoted to Tooling Technician. A Tool Setting vacancy then become available and I was successful in getting this position. Eventually we introduced a new shift pattern, meaning we ran 4 shifts and the new shift required a shift leader, I therefore applied for the job and was successful. Following the growth of the company, another new role become vacant which my skillset and knowledge seemed suited for. I applied, and so here I am now as Technical Service Manager.

What challenges have you faced to get to where you are now and how have you overcome them?

The company has grown so rapidly, the amount of new product development coming through the business has meant me and my team have had to juggle a lot of projects at the same time which has been challenging. But with structure, constant communication and teamwork, we have overcome any issues that have been presented.

Do you feel that i2r offers sufficient training and support in order for employees to be successful?

Yes, I was given every opportunity for training and that’s how I have worked my way up to my current position.

What are your favourite things about working at i2r?

I like the different challenges that arise, I like taking on new projects and enjoy the commercial side of the business. I also like the people that I work with.

Would you recommend friends/family to work at i2r and why?

Yes, for all previous reasons stated. There is a lot of variation working at i2r, you will always be occupied and it can be challenging, but also very rewarding.

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