Cookie Policy

What are cookies?

A cookie is a small packet of data, which is stored in the users' browser, as requested by a website. The data file can be retrieved next time the users' returns, thus allowing the site to identify the user as the same person. This is useful when you need to remember the states of someone's previous activity when navigating separate pages. Examples of this are when logging in, saving items in a shopping basket, or simply saving a personal preference.

Cookies are regulated by the ICO under the EU Cookie Directive. for more information visit the information commissioners office:-

There are three main types of cookie:-

  • Session Cookie – These are cookies that only last for the duration that your browser window is open. They will expire as soon as you exit your browser.
  • Persistent Cookie – These last indefinitely and will only be removed from the users' computer when either they are deleted by the user or when they expire as set by the website. This allows a website to detect return visits.
  • Third Party Cookies – first-party cookies are cookies that are created on the same domain as the one you are visiting. Third party cookies are the other hand, are set by a different website (such as an embedded advertisement). Most web browsers allow you to block these types of cookie. How do I control my cookies? In most cases, browsers will offer a “do not track” option. By going to your browser settings you should also be able to delete cookies or refuse them altogether.

Strictly Necessary Cookies

The website won't be able to function without these and so they are therefore required for the website to work at all. These types of cookie do not require consent and you should avoid disabling these types of cookie.

Functionality/Performance Cookies

Functionality cookies are used to save a users preference. This allows the website to be customised to the users choice.

Performance cookies are those that enhance your user experience. Benchmarking data provided by these types of cookies allow website operators to identify needs of improvement.

Cookies used on this site

The table below lists the necessary and performance cookies employed on this website.

Name Required Purpose Expiration
cookie_control_consent Yes This cookie is used to see if you have accepted the cookie policy. 1 year.
cookie_control_enabled_cookies Yes This cookie is used to see which optional cookies you have accepted. 1 year.
_ga No This cookie is used to determine unique visitors to our site. 2 years.
_gid No This cookie is used to determine unique visitors to our site. 1 day.
_gat No These cookies work together to calculate the average length of time users spend on our site. 30 minutes.
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